MPHP Monday May 14, 2015 Andorra

May 14, 2015

Today Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil drove to Andorra. After driving through the Spanish countryside for a few hours we came to the Pyrenees. And like Verbal became Keyser Soce like that👌🏻we we IN the Pyrenees. Holy. Shit. This place is gorgeous. That includes our accommodations, the Parador de Canolich. After Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil took in the grounds of the parador we opened a bottle of wine and had some tapas of baby eels. You read that right. EELS. Let’s just say a certain scene in The Princess Bride no longer scares Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil. Not the kissing scenes though. What’s with that nonsense?!? After tapas Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil went out to the restaurant patio for dinner, where he got to make his own ‘pan con tomate’ which is Spanish for “no one tips in Europe”. Then Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil ate Thumper. He was delicious. And we got to enjoy an incredible view while we devoured our furry childhood friend! We’re gonna call it a night because we’re going hiking tomorrow and need our energy and we feel like three movie references in one email is a good stopping point.

¡Hasta mañana!


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