MPHP Monday December 5th, 2016 Mexico

Today Mechanical Pinckrey Hugo Pencil woke up in a fancy-ass suite that no one else was using so we claimed it for ourselves because ‘Merica. The best part (besides the lack of insect and lizard roommates) was that MPHP had a giant bathtub and we all know how much MPHP loves bathtubs. After getting some work done (Who works at a resort in Mexico? Oh, wait, we do. We work in all the fun destinations.) MPHP took a quick pic by our other bathtub (did we mention MPHP has two bathtubs here?). We didn’t take a picture IN the bathtub to save Chris some face at the next Monday meeting. But MPHP took one in the pool. A picture. Stop it, that’s just unsanitary. We’ve had enough “stomach flus” around here, ok? Then MPHP went to Playa Del Carmen for dinner because the Mexican food around this Mexican resort sucks. Then MPHP went to Coco Bongo which is an insane club and, as it turns out, an onomatopoeia. It is also not a place to go if you’re not a shot drinker, as you will be force fed shots by women who grab your nipples and then ask you to pay them. We’re not used to paying for that. We’re also not used to doing shots and could literally not stand up by the time we left. Oh, also, our phone was stolen so all the MPHP photos are gone. Here’s a picture of Fro’s cat in a tie instead.


Hasta la vista 📱

2 thoughts on “MPHP Monday December 5th, 2016 Mexico

  1. Hey there, long time no chat! I’m still not a lady (or any other type of female for that matter) but I am still good at catching typos. Pinckrey???


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