MPHP Monday November 2nd, 2016 Spain

Today MPHP woke up in Spain! Or was that yesterday? We are a little confused. Partly because we’re in a different time zone but also because we’ve been using Instagram, which seems to think today is Halloween. Ok, focus. We are in Spain, which is six hours ahead of East Coast time. Got it. Wait… Daylight savings begins at the end of October, right? What’s that? Not anymore in the US because hashtag Bush did Daylight Savings? So we’re 5 hours ahead of East Coast time, right? Until this weekend, that is, when the US you know what fuck it we own an iPhone. Ok, now that we’ve disposed with our hot mess of the day MPHP took a drive to Logroño and decided to stop at a lovely town on the way, Olite. You know where that is, right Google Maps? Great? Ok, turn left here? On this dirt road? Into a field? When there’s clearly a town ahead to the right? Sure, why not. Thank goodness we have an iPhone! Then MPHP got to see Oli… This is not Olite. MPHP has never been to Olite but MPHP is quite sure it’s not a stone house in the middle of a field at the bottom of a mountain. No. This is not Olite. This is the opening scene of The Hills Have Eyes.

Holy shit Instagram was right.

…we’re just gonna slowly back away and hope no one notices. Maybe if we just retrace our steps OH THERE’S Olite! Ahead to the right. Yup. Anywhooo after that we needed a glass of wine. Check! Now back on the road to Logroño. Actual Logroño not Google Maps Logroño. We can’t wait to explore Calle Laurel and have some tapas and VINO in the heart of Spanish wine country. Which is a shame because we will have to wait, since Fro seems to have a fever. I think we can all agree this entire day is Instagram’s fault, no? 

¡Hasta mañana!



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