MPHP Monday March 28, 2015 Cape Coral, FL

March 28, 2015 Cape Coral, FL

Today Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil traveled to Florida for work (on a Saturday??) and had to rent a damn car (with a license that is totally NOT expired) because X forgot about us. Then he got to meet one of his namesakes, Dougie! Then Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil got to go to a club, ahem, car dealership to pretend to be drunk, ahem, shoot commercials! Good times. During the shoot he got to play the role of Pen to sign a bunch of checks. He’s really getting into this acting thing! Then, Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil said “FUC Florida indeed!” and caught an early flight home. Landing early meant he got home in time to meet a friend for dinner BUT had to get ready super quick-so quick that he didn’t realize until the checks arrived that his fucking shirt was on backwards why is it so hard to adult? Sigh, see you tomorrow.

March 28, 2015

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