MPHP Monday October 8, 2013 Transatlantic

October 8, 2013

Today I got a special escort to the airport (not that kind of escort) from none other than MPHP’s very own exchange student (he said my stories about Carolina inspired him), Souvenir Barcel❤na Pen!! Souvenir Barcel❤na Pen and I bid farewell to Barcelona as the sun broke through the clouds and decided we would someday return to visit MPHP. Then I suggested Souvenir Barcel❤na Pen and I have a light breakfast including booze before the flight because naps. Then Souvenir Barcel❤na Pen found we finally had a functioning charger (yeah, sorry bout those delays…) on the plane so we could finally fill you in on all of the adventures of the past few days.

Souvenir Barcel❤na Pen and I are back on US soil and a few short hours from home and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

But not tonight because we are still on Barcelona time, k?

October 8, 2013

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