MPHP Monday March 21, 2015 Asheville, NC

March 21, 2015 Asheville, NC

Today Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil did some celebrating! Naturally Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil started with some shots first thing. Well, shots of espresso. It had been a long week for MPHP. Then Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil hit the road for Asheville, stopping along the way to hike Little Bradley Falls and get in touch with his nature roots (and meet some furry friends!). Then Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil found a random-ass restaurant in Saluda, NC where he had lunch and left a Yelp review that vaulted a delightful photo to the header image for the Crust & Kettle. Then Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil made his way to Asheville, stopping at Wedge Brewery before getting unsober and forgetting to document his night (and definitely NOT going to bed before midnight). Wheeee! Who knows what Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil will discover tomorrow?

March 21, 2015

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