Why This Blog

My mother is a writer*. All of my life I’ve found ways to write: blogging; Twitter; incessant and completely inappropriate reply-all emails – you name it. I didn’t pursue writing academically, mostly because I didn’t pursue academics, but also because it was more of a hobby than a career path (I felt the same way about acting until four or five years into my career as an actor). I still don’t see it as a career, but it is a form of expression I enjoy. Traveling is also something I enjoy. I don’t make a ton of money but I do make sure to put some aside from every paycheck for travel. More than new clothes (I really couldn’t care less), a fancy car (my 2002 Mini will die while I’m behind the wheel), or season tickets to sporting events (ok, I totally used to do this) I make a point to spend my money going somewhere I’ve never been. Whether it’s a drive to somewhere in North Carolina, where I live, or a flight across the Atlantic, travel is what makes me rich. We all have different priorities in life, but the beauty of the social media age is that even when our priorities lie elsewhere, we can experience things that interest us vicariously through others. So these are my experiences. Feel free to comment, ask questions or offer suggestions. But don’t be a dickhead, K? There are real actual people on this site and I think we can all agree that nobody likes a dickhead.

*If you’d like to read my mom’s writing you can do so herehere, or here.


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