Meet the Sancho PENza to my Don Quijote (seriously, if you don’t like puns gtfo), Mechanical Pinckney Hugo Pencil, AKA MPHP. This started as a joke when I accidentally absconded with a colleague’s pencil after a shoot. I promised to take good care of it in the month until I would see Zack again and in a spark of… probably vodka, I decided to get all Flat Stanley with it. So it started going with me everywhere and I would log our adventures and send them to Zack. It just so happened that this time coincided with a cruise to Europe. For someone who can be woefully bad at documenting life MPHP turned out to be a great way to log my journey! Who knew. And thus, a meme was born. Check out MPHP’s Tumblr here and follow me on social media for biweekly blog posts of past (and sometimes present) mechanical pencil adventures.

September 23, 2013.JPG

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