How To Pick The Perfect Playlist

Photos, journals,blogs, etc are great ways to remember a trip. But for me nothing compares to sense memory. A soap I snagged from a hotel can take me right back to Rome. More so, the music I listen to on the road imprints those experiences in my mind in a way no photo album can do justice. Hence, when I travel somewhere new I always listen to something new. While I personally like to purchase my music, streaming music apps are awesome for discovering new music without commitment. When I’m choosing my playlist I usually pick one new album for a short, one-destination trip and three new albums for a multi-destination or week-plus trip. With one album I pick something that seems like it will suit the destination. For the three-album journey I have a guide:

  • One album you know you’ll love
  • One album someone who knows your taste says you’ll love
  • One album that piques your interest but you’re unsure about

With this formula I may not love everything I buy, but even the music that’s lukewarm will have good memories that make me want to revisit them. Here are a few examples:

Scotland 2015

Spain & Andorra 2015

Italy, Greece, Turkey & Spain 2012

I also pick one song from each album for the one playlist to rule them all!


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